Cell & Battery Experiments

  • Cell Battery Jar

    Product Code : CB-PCEL0001

    Physics Instruments Cell - Battery Jar/Pot...

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  • Daniel Cell

    Product Code : CB-PCEL-0002

    Comprising a heavy-gauge copper outer vessel with an internal perforated shelf for copper sulphate crystals, a porous pot and an amalgamated zinc rod ...

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  • Lechlanche Pot Polyethylene

    Product Code : CB-PCEL-0003

    Lechlanche Pot Polyethylene Jar, Made of High density plastic...

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  • Leclanche Cell

    Product Code : CB-PCEL-0004

    Leclanche Cell Charged porous pot 150 x 60 mm height x diameter...

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  • Cell Plates Lead

    Product Code : CB-PCEL-0005

    Lead Plates For Cell Each plate is 150 x 50 x 3 mm...

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  • Cell Plates with Terminal

    Product Code : CB-PCEL-0006

    Cell - Plates, With Terminal: Each plate is 125 x 10 cm length x dia...

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