Electrostatic Physics

  • Biots Apparatus

    Product Code : ELS-PEST-0001

    A spherical conductor on insulating stand with insulated handle....

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  • Cellulose Strip

    Product Code : ELS-PEST-0002

    For producing positive charges relative to polythene when rubbed by woolen rubber....

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  • Condenser Aepinus

    Product Code : ELS-PEST-0003

    Comprising two metal discs, with variable separation, supported on insulating pillars & provided with insulating handles on the ends of the adjustment...

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  • Conductor Conical

    Product Code : ELS-PEST-0004

    Conical : Made of brass, nickel plated....

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  • Conductor Cylindrical

    Product Code : ELS-PEST-0005

    Cylindrical : made of brass nickel plated...

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  • Conductor Sphere

    Product Code : ELS-PEST-0006

    Sphere : made of brass, nickel plated...

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