Fluid & Liquids Experiments

  • Barometer Aneroid

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0001

    Dial 100 mm diameter, dial scale 960 to 1060 mb (28-31 in x 0.10 in) figured in black....

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  • Barometer Aneroid Demonstration

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0002

    Demonstration type, fully enclosed in a transparent synthetic case for demonstration....

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  • Barometer Siphon

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0003

    The whole column of mercury is visible. Scale is graduated in both English & metric systems....

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  • Barometer Siphon Tube

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0004

    Glass tube 90 cm long with bulb on shorter limb....

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  • Barometer Tube

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0005

    Glass tube 90 mm long closed at one end....

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  • Bernouilli Tube

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0006

    To demonstrate that when a liquid flows through a tube having a constriction, the speed of flow is increased and pressure decreased in the constri...

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