Heat Physics Equipments

  • Air Pump

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0001

    Fixed on polished wooden base, single barrel made of steel pipe with stopcock....

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  • Ball and Ring Apparatus

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0002

    GRAVESANDE - Ring and Ball with Chain. An apparatus for demonstrating thermal expansion, comprising a captive brass ball secured to a mounted brass ri...

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  • Ball and Ring Apparatus 2 Parts

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0003

    Ring and ball, mounted on separate handle ball....

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  • Bar and Gauge

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0004

    For illustrating expansion by heating and contraction by cooling....

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  • Bar Breaking Apparatus

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0005

    Heavy cast iron base with 4 uprights....

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  • Calorimeter Joules

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0006

    Consisting of a nickel plated copper vessel with outer vessel of teak wood...

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