Light & Optics Experiments

  • Compact Light Source

    Product Code : LOP-PLIT-0001

    Black finish metal box...

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  • Diffraction Gratings

    Product Code : LOP-PLIT-0002

    Photographic replica gratings mounted on a plate glass & suitable for visual....

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  • Light Box with Optics Kit

    Product Code : LOP-PLIT-0023

    For reflection, refraction, and color mixing experiments....

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  • Newtons Ring Microscope

    Product Code : LOP-PLIT-0035

    This instrument is a compact instrument with full arrangements for conducting Newton’s Ring Apparatus. A standard microscope with 30x magnification is...

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  • Optical Bench 1 Meter Wooden

    Product Code : LOP-PLIT-0036

    This is good working bench for junior students....

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  • Optical Bench 1 Meter

    Product Code : LOP-PLIT-0037

    One meter length, single square stable graduated rod, fitted on two sturdy metal feet with leveling screws....

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