Waves & Sound Experiments

  • Buzzer in Vacuum

    Product Code : WS-PWSO-0001

    For use on pump plate not less than 15 cm. diameters Electric Bell operating on 4-6 volts AC/DC, suspended on rubber cord in bell jar....

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  • Kundts Tube Apparatus

    Product Code : WS-PWSO-0002

    To determine the standing longitudinal waves in column of air and velocity of sound in air, it comprises of a glass tube approx 1.2 meter length and 3...

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  • Organ Pipe

    Product Code : WS-PWSO-0003

    Made of varnished wood with glass front and membrane suspended on cord for loading with sand to show positions of nodes and antinodes...

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  • Organ Pipe Open Ended

    Product Code : WS-PWSO-0004

    Square section with tapered mouthpiece, made of polished wood, with graduated sliding piston, square in section having a knob at the end for easy hand...

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  • Organ Pipe Sliding

    Product Code : WS-PWSO-0005

    Overall length when fully extended is about 840 mm approx., 540 mm when closed, stoppered...

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  • Resonance Apparatus

    Product Code : WS-PWSO-0006

    It consists of a tube 100cm long, 25mm dia mounted on a stand which is fitted with leveling screws....

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