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Categories - Mechanics Experiments
Free Fall Apparatus
Product Code : MMW-PMCH-0021
This apparatus is used to determine G by measuring the time of fall of a steel ball through a pre-determined distance. ...
Categories - Engine Demo Models
Four (4) Stroke Petrol Engine Model
Product Code : EGM-PEGN-0007
Represents a typical air cooled, side-valve four-stroke petrol engine with the operation of the valves clearly evident, cams being driven by a gear tr ...
Categories - Magnets & Magnetism
Force on a conductor balance
Product Code : MG-PMAG-0033
It is used to demonstrate that when a current is passed through a conductor in a magnetic field, it is subjected to a force of attraction or repulsion ...
Categories - Electrostatic Physics
Faradays Butterfly Net
Product Code : ELS-PEST-0016
For demonstrating that an electrical charge resides on the external surface of a conductor. ...
Categories - Electrostatic Physics
Faradays Ice Pails
Product Code : ELS-PEST-0017
Set of 4 pails. ...
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