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Categories - Magnets & Magnetism
Induction Coil
Product Code : MG-PMAG-0034
The primaries are wound with thicker copper enamelled covered wire on letherite pipe in two layers. The secondary coils are divided into two ...
Categories - Magnets & Magnetism
Induction Coils Demonstration
Product Code : MG-PMAG-0035
Demonstration Induction Coils consists of two coils wound on separate bobbins, one having many turns of fine wire & the other with few turns of heavy ...
Categories - Magnets & Magnetism
Iron Filings
Product Code : MG-PMAG-0036
For indicating lines of magnetic force. ...
Categories - Electrostatic Physics
Insulated Spheres
Product Code : ELS-PEST-0020
Pair of brass spheres mounted on a insulated rod ...
Categories - Heat Physics Equipments
Ingen-Hausz Apparatus
Product Code : HA-PHET-0038
Consists of 5 metal rods of different materials having equal lenghts mounted in sheet metal box 150 x 90 x 100mm with corks. ...
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